My Vaping Tale

There is one thing in this world that I regret up to now, that is my smoking habit. I was so hooked into smoking at a younger age. Perhaps it was the result of me being a product of a broken family. My father left when I was 2 years barely know him.

Not that I am blaming it all to my father, but I found smoking as a good escape. It made me powerful of some sort and it made belong to something else. That feeling of satisfaction to belong to a certain group or say hobby is quite good for me.

My smoking got so severe. I would consume more than one pack of cigarettes per day. It is so out of hand that I myself can’t sop myself. It is like I am a robot programmed to smoke. I could smoke on public places which is prohibited in our place and yet I was there so eager to light one.

One day, it just came to me that I got to stop this not only for my health primarily but also for my family. They are also affected by my smoking, my kids got respiratory allergies because of my smoking.

A friend offered me an alternative and that is vaping. He said you can find many articles about vaping. Just search the internet and go to their homepage.

I did not waste time and right away search for vaporizers and came across a great article about crafty vs the mighty. Two great vaporizers that are on sale. I immediately purchase one, a crafty and waited for its shipment.

When it arrived, I told my friend to come over to assist me in doing my first vape. And then it happened my first gig with the vape and it felt so good.